On the Plate

 Turkish cuisine is a unique cuisine unlike any other. While the restaurant is homely, warm and comfortable, the food is nothing short of sensational, with many of the dishes available at Turkish Delight Restaurant not being available anywhere else in Canberra. The family at out restaurant takes pride in preparing all of our meals exactly as we would have them at home. For the plates and ingredients please visit the menu section...

Belly Dancing

Every Saturday night

Belly dancing every Saturday night. Book a table for a meal and entertainment.

Turkish Delight & Azerbaijan

At Turkish Delight Restaurant we are not only passionate about food, but we are also passionate about our culture, music and dance. Our music and dance has a way of enchanting us into another place in time, into another environment of human existence which our creative ancestors were able to face while discovering, enjoying and sharing the real beauty of life.
Although we are a Turkish Restaurant, the owner Hajar Malek is from Azerbaijan, one of the Turkic countries. Azerbaijani music and dance, like that of many of the Turkic cultures, is very melodious and transcendent, deeply moving and timelessly classic.

The national dances and music reflect the qualities and characteristics of the nation and people of Azerbaijan. In the dance you see qualities of grace, elegance, poise, and a regal strength and pride. In the music you hear a mysticism, power, beauty and passion drawing on a very ancient and highly complex art form that combines classical poetry with musical improvisation.
The costumes worn for dancing also reflect these qualities of grace, poise and noble pride, truly one of a kind, delicate, detailed and incredibly striking. The owner and face of Turkish Delight Restaurant Hajar Malek is also the prominent designer and face of De Challie Haute Couture and in recent months has created a number of truly spectacular dance costumes which have been showcased through a number of breathtaking performances by some of Canberra’s talented folk and oriental dancers, in particular the talented Kirsty Duncan.

Kirsty began dancing ballet from a very young age and began her career at Turkish Delight when she was a young 16 years of age and has grown into a truly magnificent dancer, capturing the art of Turkish folk, oriental belly dance and Turkish gypsy dance and has now been swept away by Azerbaijani dance and effortlessly performs it as if it were her own creation. We are very proud and blessed to have as part of our family someone as talented as her who can totally capture the culture and dance that we love so deeply.

Since taking over Turkish Delight Restaurant in 2005, Hajar has turned the place into a cultural institution, striving to be more than just a restaurant but a portal into our world.

We at Turkish Delight Restaurant have been proud to premiere to Canberra the dance and music of Azerbaijan on the 3rd of November 2013 at our event A Taste of Azerbaijan, again on New Years Eve and then again at the 2014 Canberra Multicultural Festival of which we were one of the sponsors and we will be proud and truly happy to continue to showcase in many more events to come. The next upcoming performance will be on the 28th of May when we will celebrate the Azerbaijani National Day. Details will be on our website soon!